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United States
Current Residence: Where I am is where I'm at.

Favorite genre of music: Metal, power metal, Alternative, some techno, video game music.

Favorite genre of games: RPG(Role Playing Game), FPS(First Person Shooter), ARPG(Action Role Playing Game).

Favorite table top game: Magic: The Gathering.

Favorite style of art: Whatever is tasteful, creative, and cool.

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit

Favorite cartoon character: Too many to choose from.

Political Views: I would say I'm liberal, but that would be thinking too much into it. My actual opinion is that politicians of today are simply greedy, corrupt bigots out to take over the world. You may call me a conspiracy theorist, but do stop and take a look at the world, then think about how utterly perfect everything works in favor of the political spectrum. Also; don't blame the PRESIDENT for the lack of anything in this country--Blame the MAJORITY VOTE that all of his/her policies are based on when trying to go in effect. People always seem to forget that the President himself doesn't have extreme authority over whatever happens. I know this is in contrary to what I've said at the beginning of this, but I have indeed two sides, and I'm not afraid to admit that I care about these sort of things when something comes up that interest me, but I also don't care when something stupid happens that I wouldn't agree with. If you don't agree with me, and you look down upon me for my views, then know that you are closed minded, and don't know how to actually get to know someone. Don't judge a book by it's cover.

Religious Views: The universe, of it's amazing spectrum and ability to create life, I'm sure, could spawn an entity that we as humans would interpret as a godly figure, however, religion-based Gods are complete illusion. Religion is a mind control that has set so many records for being the greatest on-going story of all time. Although, I admit, it CAN help those who are down in a rut, but for the majority of people in control of religion, it's simply a scheme--The best scheme in history. TL;DR--No. God doesn't exist, and you cannot prove me wrong, but I can prove I'm right, but that doesn't mean you'll stop believing, and that's where we're different, and that's why I'm thankful I'm human. My personal quote will explain more.

Personal Quote: Being different comes with being human, but it also means you're just the same. You're not superior to anyone else. Race, religion, ethnicity, orientation--none of that is relevant. A bullet to the cranium will deal just as much damage to you as it would anyone else.

Personal Quote 2: I believe in the ability of the persistence and determination that the human mind can produce. I believe that if I give myself time I can think on my predicament and find a way to organize a way out. I believe I can gain the abilities of others through hard work and practice. Humans are unique from one another, in that some are naturally bestowed with abilities others would find too hard to do, but we are just human after all. That lets me know that we have all the same ability to do as the other. Some of us have to work harder at it. The limitations of the human mind and body are not limited to one person. So if you believe that an Atheist cannot find something uplifting in even the darkest of times, then I have just proven you wrong. Unless you are so self-centered and arrogant as your self-righteous God, you should be able to comprehend what I just typed, but just in case I'll give you the answer...

Believe in yourself.

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